“Since I have implemented the daily habit of forgiving others and myself, I have experienced significant healing. I’ve been healed of chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, insomnia, neck and back problems, grinding my teeth while sleeping, hypoglycemia, immune system deficiencies, acne, and skin problems.
What’s interesting is that I never even set out to get rid of these health issues. I wasn’t aware that bitterness and/or forgiving actually affected my body! It felt so good to finally be released from the oppressive and destructive claws of these illnesses. Words can never describe how excited I am to wake up every day with a heart and body full of forgiveness.”

Mike Seattle Washington

I have been in the ministry for 24 years and of all the healing ministries I have engaged with Sean Quental is the most tenacious to get to the root of the matter.

Pastor Todd Hadley
Charleston SC

The Holy Spirit through Sean unearthed emotions that we had stuffed for decades to our mental, physical, and spiritual harm. The fear is gone…peace and joy now abide.
Sean’s teaching is so practical that our children are living it out to their spiritual and emotional well-being. Their emotional maturity is well beyond that of most adults and we praise God for this blessing in their lives.

JS Illinois

”Your teaching & ministry delivered me from bitterness & resentment from a unfaithful spouse.”

J.G. Leesburg FL

Dear Sean,
I am greatly indebted to you for the healing you performed on me. The issues I carried, some for over 30 years were truly debilitating in a way that was not obvious to my mental being but through release I was able to find total peace in my spirit. I had no idea how good true peace can feel. Your gift of healing is needed today, more than ever. Thank you Dr.Sean.


Sean’s skill in careful listening to hurting people… and the Holy Spirit simultaneously has given him effective strategy for helping people truly live their freedom in Christ. I was emotionally hording painful experiences I didn’t know how to resolve. Sean’s ministry has helped me walk through, feel, forgive and let go.

Pastor LT

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